Terms and Conditions

Only dogs considered by the staff at Sussex County Dog Training Doggie Day Care Centre to be sociable and have a suitable temperament will be accepted to join day care.




  • Owners must complete a registration form before their dog attends day care. This must include vet details and an emergency contact number.

  • Every dog must complete an assessment visit to SCDT Doggie Day Care for a period of 1 hour before attending day care.

    • The SCDT Doggie Day Care staff’s decision regarding each dog’s assessment is welfare based and any trial fail is based on yours and other dogs welfare.

    • If the staff at SCDT Doggie Day Care feel that the one-hour assessment has not been sufficient we might ask for a longer assessment of ½ day-1 day, at the clients expense.

  • SCDT Doggie Daycare must have up to date records of your dogs vaccinations. These must be given during the dogs assessment visit and it is then the owners responsibility to update us on future vaccinations.

    • Kennel cough is at the owner’s discretion. Dogs who are coughing will not be allowed to enter daycare

    • Dogs must have been clear of coughing for 7 days if they contract Kennel Cough before they may return.

  • SCDT Doggie Daycare must have up to date records of your dogs worming and flea treatment including how often this is done. It is the dog owners responsibility to advise us of any change to this.

  • Puppies are accepted once they are fully vaccinated (minimum age is 10 weeks).

  • Un-spayed female dogs will not be accepted during their season (usual period is 3 weeks).

  • All dogs must wear securely fitted collars that are in good condition and include an ID tag. Collars must be of a clip realease method rather than a buckle.

  • Should the staff at SCDT Doggie Day Care feel your dog is no longer suitable for day care they reserve the right to refuse your dog at anytime or terminate the contract.

  • Payments can be made in advanced or on the day.


SCDT Doggie Day Care does not accept responsibility for the death, injury or illness of your dog. We strongly advise you insure your dog for all eventualities.



Q. How do I prepare my dog for daycare?

Please feed your dog 1-2 hours before your dog arrives at SCDT Doggie Day Care. This reduces the risk of the, sometimes fatal, illness gastric torsion or bloat. It allows them time to digest some of their food before the exercise and excitement that day care causes.

It would be greatly appreciate if you gave your dog a short walk before day care so they have time to empty their bladder and bowels.

Q. Are all the dogs kept together?

Depending on the group of dogs at day care we may keep all dogs together but more regularly dogs will be split into smaller groups depending on their temperaments and play styles. There are multiple areas to allow us to do this including the outside play area, inside play area and rest zone.

Q. Are the dogs left alone at anytime?

No, dogs are always supervised during their play and rest times.  

Q. What happens during my dog’s assessment?

Before you arrive at the centre you will have been asked to fill in a questionnaire about your dog. This is for us to get a general idea about your dog’s temperament, likes and dislikes. Once this has been filled in we will take your dog into day care. Owners are encouraged to leave their dogs with us and to return in one-hour to collect their dogs. We don’t have anything to hide but like to see how the dogs will behave without their owners with them as this is how it will be at day care.

Your dog will mix with dogs of different sizes and ages.

During the assessment the trained staff will be looking at how your dog interacts around different types of dogs, with the staff at the centre, whether they share toys and food readily with other dogs and generally whether they are enjoying themselves.

If your dog is not suitable for the day care environment we will be happy to talk to you about how the assessment went and suggest other services that we can provide such as dog walking/pet sitting visits.

If we feel your dog has potential to enjoy day care but have not seen enough during the assessment hour we will invite your dog back for a half/full day at day care before we make our final decision (this will be at your expense)


Q. My dog is a little shy – will they enjoy day care?

This is exactly what the assessment period is for but don’t worry all our newbies in day care will meet the dogs in small groups to get to know them. We always take it slow especially with the more nervous dogs. Each dog’s time at day care is tailor made and day care can be a great way to increase a dog’s confidence.

Q. Are there any risks?

There are always risks when a group of dogs play. All our staff have training in dealing with any conflicts that occur. We frequently will stop dog play just to let things calm down a little before we allow it to restart. Some occasional growling and posturing is natural when there are a group of dogs together but if it becomes anymore than that then we may exclude that dog either for a small amount of time (in our dog house zone) or terminate their contract.

Several of our staff have participated in a first aid course for dogs.

Q. Are the dogs fed?

The dogs should be fed their breakfast and dinner at home before and after they come to day care. Should your dog require lunch then please bring their required amount in a small sandwich bag labelled clearly with their name and your surname. Dogs are fed separately and will then require an hour of quiet time after meals to reduce the risk of bloat, if we feel that your dog is becoming too stressed during their hour of quiet time we may ask that we don’t feed your dog.

Treats will be used for training purposes so if your dog has any allergies please make sure you have put this on your application form.

Fresh water will be available at all times.

Q. Can someone else pick my dog up if I am delayed?

Yes, please just let us know on the day or if it is a regular occurrence we will put a note on your dog’s registration form.

Please let us know the full name of the designated person who will collect your dog and they must bring a form of ID with them.

Q. Should I bring toys?

No thank you. We will provide all the toys that your dog might need and we find that if a dog has a special toy that they bring along sometimes they can be a little over attached to it which may cause a few little problems in day care.

Q. What if my dog is injured or becomes unwell?

We employ the highest Health & Safety standards and take great care to ensure injury or illness does not occur but should your dog become ill we would notify you immediately. In an emergency we will take your dog to your own vet – you, the owner, must cover all medical costs.

If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions please email: emma@sussexcountydogtraining.co.uk